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Are you not quite sure what to do in Greece and you find yourself in need of inspiring ideas? Then, let our local travel experts plan a unique trip for you!

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Greek TravelTellers envisioned a journey unique for every guest, exceeding a simple narration. Our team of experts has carefully designed every detail of the tours for your visit to be a balanced combination of savoring each moment and comprehending Greek culture, heritage, and its people. On this page, we give you the chance to create your very own personalized experience in Greece. Tailor-made tours in Athens and Greece is a service created to satisfy the personal wishes and dreams of a cultural adventurer and curious mind like you. If the experience you wished for is not offered in our 'Themed Tours' section, here is where you can express what inspires you and our team of local travel experts will get back to you with a proposed itinerary that will include unique, custom-made experiences to fit your interests.

Let your imagination loose and think of the best way you would like to discover and experience Greek culture. Is it an interactive visit to a museum to discover the secrets its artifacts may hold? Is it a mystical journey to uncover the mysteries of the most sacred ancient Greek religion? Or maybe you are a fan of Indiana Jones and you wish to dive into similar adventures? Dare to dream and we will make it happen! Each experience we design for you is based on the art of storytelling. You will time-travel and enter a realm of myths, legends and stories with you as the protagonist.

Our goal with tailor-made tours is to satisfy even the most demanding traveler. You will travel in luxury, with safety and comfort, and you will have the utmost attention of our storytellers. Soon enough, you will feel like part of a Greek family and you will leave Greece with memories that will last a lifetime! The experiences we offer are inspiring, stimulating, pushing the edges of your imagination and creativity. Be your own architect of your dream vacation!


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