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About Greek TravelTellers

About us,
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Greek TravelTellers is a boutique tour operators office founded by local experts that help curious travelers immerse themselves into Greece's culture and its values through unique storytelling tours.

GreekTravelTellers about philosophy

Our philosophy

As academics and lovers of Greek culture, our vision is to convey our knowledge and Greek values through unique tours and experiences. 
We believe that knowledge is conveyed better when presented in a context, especially through the art of storytelling. After all, Ancient Greeks were amazing storytellers. With our creativity, our ability to create worlds (contexts) and your imagination, we will immerse ourselves, together, into the legacy of the Ancients and the local vibes of the Modern. Imagination is the key; Greek TravelTellers is the door.


What sets us apart:

  • Storytelling is in the heart of what we do, making the tours much more interesting and engaging
  • Each themed tour is interactive and experiential, based on a unique script
  • Our founding team and guides consist of local field experts (archaeologists, art historians, anthropologists and more) with a PhD or MA-level of education
  • Our tours respect the local environment and societies. We take an active interest in responsible and sustainable tourism

“Traveling - it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.”

― Ibn Battuta

Our team

Dimitris Stratigentas
Dimitris Stratigentas, Managing Director, Storyteller & Founder
Dimitris Stratigentas

My journey started in the small Greek island of Thassos. When I was a little boy, I dreamt of becoming a footballer, an astronaut, a millionaire, a Nobel Prize winner… Looking back, I see a young dreamer, restless and hopeful for the future! I started out by studying History & Archaeology in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki; then, moved on to study Law in Manchester and then graduated from Leiden University with an Advanced Masters in Air & Space Law. I found myself working and living abroad for many years. I travelled to many countries and cities, always trying to improve myself and get exposed to new experiences. I recently came to realise that my real motivation behind this constant change was to explore new places and cultures, meet new people and make new friends. 

I now know that my true dream is to travel the world and genuinely get to know the places I visit, their history, their myths and legends, their values and customs... It is not enough for me to visit a destination for mere sightseeing. I want more; I want better and interactive experiences, I like to blend-in with the locals, to get to know the true story of a place and its people and not just listen to more dry facts and dates. And through that realisation, the conception of the Greek TravelTellers was born; an idea of a company, or more appropriately, a group of people sharing the same dream and the same values as myself. This is the story of the Greek TravelTellers and I hope you can join us on this journey through time and space.

Constantina Mastrokostopoulou
Constantina Mastrokostopoulou, Field Expert - Archaeologist
Constantina Mastrokostopoulou

Constantina's genuine love of Athens and her inherent enthusiasm make her a natural fit for Greek TravelTellers. Having studied History and Archaeology in the Kapodistrian University of Athens with a Master in Arts and Culture from Leiden University of the Netherlands, Constantina has worked in many Art Institutes and participated in archaeological excavations. Throughout her 8-year career within the country and abroad, she gained experience working in multi-culture environments including Greece, The Netherlands and Germany and is eager to share her dreams and passion for culture with our team.

"Greek TravelTellers is the reason why i came back to Athens. They are the answer to a question I did not even know I have. Meeting new cultures and learning what life is about from people themselves is an integral part of my philosophy. I love working with this team because we have the same dream: to show and share our love of Athens and Greece in an experiential, passionate, out-of-the-ordinary way."

Dr. Thodoris Koutsogiannis
Dr. Thodoris Koutsogiannis, External Advisor
Dr. Thodoris Koutsogiannis

Since 2009, Dr. Thodoris Koutsogiannis is working as Chief Curator of the Hellenic Parliament Art Collection, Athens. He has taught modern art history as visiting professor in Greece (Athens University, 2009, 2011, 2018; University of Thessaly, Volos, 2010; Hellenic Open University, 2009-14), he has published various essays in collective volumes, and he has presented many papers in international conferences, as well as one monograph on Philhellenism in the arts (2017).

Thodoris is an expert on Western European travelers in Greece, having also curated relative exhibitions, among others Hellas Genius Loci (Athens, Hellenic Parliament & Zappeion Palace, January – June 2014), “A dream among splendid ruins…”: Strolling through the Athens of travelers 17th – 19th century (Athens, National Archaeological Museum, September 2015 – June 2016), and Minor Odysseys (Hellenic Parliament, March – November 2017).

"Greek TravelTellers is not yet another company in the field of tourism; rather, a group of young creative people, who share love for Greece and everyone who is interested in this Land and its History. Their ingenious way in approaching Greek Ηistory is what makes it so engaging, bringing specialists and amateurs alike to be fascinated by it! Personally, I feel that the collaboration with Greek TravelTellers is a captivating journey through time, back to the cradle of anthropocentric civilisation." 

Poliana Dimitropoulou
Poliana Dimitropoulou, Ritual Healing Arts & Meditation Expert
Poliana Dimitropoulou

Poliana's work focuses on ritual healing arts and world cultural immersions. Her passion is to share the precious knowledge gained through her world travels with other people, delving deep into the wisdom of ancient traditions. For ancient Greeks, a way to heal and awaken the human psyche was to meditate in nature's power places and temples. Poliana creates a safe space and guides you through that deep, uplifting experience in order for you to evoke your Memory and reconnect to your true self and potential.

"I find the experience Greek TravelTellers offer unique and unpretentious. Taking people into an amazing experiential journey through time and space, as if they were real citizens of ancient Greece. Storytelling, since the beginning of time, has been the most efficient way to educate children and adults. This, in combination with the intelligent and creative tour designs offers a one of a kind experience!"

Vicky Bathrelou
Vicky Bathrelou, Licensed Tour Guide & Anthropologist
Vicky Bathrelou

Vicky is a licensed guide, with her primary studies being in Archaeology and her postgraduate studies in Cultural Anthropology. She is currently doing her PhD. To break it down, she is a storyteller, soon to be Dr. Storyteller! As an archaeologist, she recreates stories and as an anthropologist, she delivers them. She loves unravelling the mysteries of the past and interpreting the stories of the present. What she considers the best aspect of job and studies to be, is communicating what she has learnt through her endeavours.

"Stories are important, we need them! The truth is, we need them so much that our brains create stories even when we sleep. Greek TravelTellers get it. They are a group of passionate, young, creative people, inviting you to create your own unique experience. To me they are an opportunity to evolve as a storyteller in a compelling environment, do something new and refreshing, to create my own stories. You are welcome to join us!"

Eleni Gaviotaki
Eleni Gaviotaki, Children Expert
Eleni Gaviotaki

Eleni is an enthusiastic and very energetic young professional, whose academic background and professional experience focus on children education. She specializes in Creative Occupation for children of different ages and has an extensive experience in creating, producing and executing theatrical plays and themed events for children. She also has experience as an amateur actress and participates in local theatrical events and performances. Greek TravelTellers provide her with a fertile ground to share her love and passion for the rich history and the fascinating myths of Greece!

"My love for the Classics and my fascination with Greek Mythology and Ancient History make me want to share my passion and knowledge with the visitors of our country in an entertaining and interactive way that is made possible by Greek TravelTellers. I am looking forward to seeing you all out there!!!"